More rebrands from AMD

/ 6 years ago

It would appear after we saw the HD 7670 yesterday as a ‘rebrand’ of old HD 6000 series graphics cards this will not be the last rebrand to hit the new HD 7000 series branding. In the segment of the market that can only be described as rapidly dying AMD has decided it best to rebrand old HD 6000 series cards into the new low end of the HD 7000 series instead of wasting money to develop new ones. As it almost makes no sense to buy these cards anymore when you can pick up an APU with better graphics integrated onto it than some of these low end cards.

The HD 7570, HD 7470, HD 7450, and HD 7350 will all be total rebrands of the HD 6500, 6400, and 6300 families right down to the clock speeds and feature sets, the only difference is the name. Details of these OEM rebrands can be accessed here.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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