Motorola Chop $100 Off Moto X Contract Price, Now Costs $99.99

/ 4 years ago


Android Police report that the Moto X has just received a price cut of $100 on contract in the USA, currently the only country where it is available. At $199 on contract the Moto X seems to have failed to inspire consumers in America so Motorola have reduced that price by $100 to $99.99. All on contract 16GB models will now be $99.99 on major U.S carriers like Sprint and U.S Cellular. The 32GB model is still an AT&T exclusive but that’s also been reduced to $149.99, down $100 from $249.99.

US Cellular are offering $74.99 of credit if you join them as a new customer, that brings the final cost down to $24.99. Verizon are yet to jump onboard with the new discount and are still selling at $199.99. Amazon and Best Buy are already offering the handset for $99.99 while the Sprint version can be had for $79.99 on Amazon too. There’s no sign of the SIM-free price dropping from $599.99 despite the on-contract price drops. This means T-Mobile customers are pretty much left “high and dry” by the Moto X.

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Image courtesy of Motorola via Android Police

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