Motorola Mobile to halt R&D and Mobile Operations in Korea

/ 5 years ago

In a recent report by The Korea Times, Motorola said that it will pack their bags and leave Korea as a part of its global restructuring. The U.S. based company came to Korea in 1967 and introduced the first handset in 1988.

Motorola Korea

Motorola isn’t the only company exiting from Korea. Taiwan’s HTC exit in July 2012 and Canada’s RIM decided to either reduce their operation or withdraw from the market completely. This is happening because of the strong presence of the local mobile brands in Korea that even the internationally known and trusted brands fail to penetrate Korea’ mobile market effectively.

Motorola Korea said that it will first close its R&D and mobile marketing in February 2013. Motorola also exited from India few months ago too. Sony’s mobile division is in Korea but didn’t release any devices this year and most likely, they will also withdraw from Korea.

Source: Korea Times

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