Motorola Rumored to be Making Google’s Next-Gen Nexus Smartphone

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There have been a lot of rumors going around in regards to the upcoming Nexus device. Google has apparently been keeping the information sealed, having previous rumors point to LG being the manufacturer for the next Nexus handset. The latter information proved to be incoherent, drawing attention to the Android Silver program and the possibility of the upcoming Nexus handset being part of the program.

The latest rumor however beats them all. Google’s former smartphone manufacturer, Motorola, which the search giant sold to Lenovo, is apparently in charge of manufacturing the handset. Compared to the previous rumors, this one is said to come straight from Android Police, backing the information to a certain extent. However, given the wide range of information and lack of something concrete, even Android Police could be shooting off in the wrong direction with the Motorola rumor.

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All in all, Motorola is said to be working on a new smartphone in collaboration with Google. The project’s codename is said to be Shamu, which has been reported to be primarily aimed at US carriers and other big-named carriers around the world. This information is apparently the link between the new handset and the two parties working on it, since the carriers are said to most likely handle the Nexus 5.

The Shamu handset is said to feature a 5.9-inch screen and a fingerprint sensor, having the latter as another clue which points to the upcoming Nexus handset and the technology it features. The Nexus handset is said to have been given a launch date for November. More information is bound to come as the launch date draws near.

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