Mozilla And Samsung Working Together On A New Browser Engine

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Mozilla’ CRO Brendan Eich made an announcement that the company behind the famous internet browser is going to collaborate with Samsung to design a next- generation web browser called ‘Servo’ in the hopes to rebuild a web browser from scratch. This new browser engine will be written using Mozilla’s own systems language called “Rust” along with a group of enthusiasts.

This will not only help to address the cause of security vulnerabilities on computers and on mobile devices and will fully utilize the benefits of the mobile devices that will come out in the future. Since Samsung is collaborating in this project, its fairly safe to speculate that the new browser is focussed on Android and those devices using ARM’s SoCs.

Mozilla’s CTO added,”Rust, which today reached v0.6, has been in development for several years and is rapidly approaching stability. It is intended to fill many of the same niches that C++ has over the past decades, with efficient high-level, multi-paradigm abstractions, and offers precise control over hardware resources. But beyond that, it is *safe by default*, preventing entire classes of memory management errors that lead to crashes and security vulnerabilities.”

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Mozilla has gone ahead and made Rust v0.6 available to the public and even put up the source code for Rust and Servo via Github.

Eich explained that programmers will be able to use the power of the multi-core CPUs that current and future mobile devices that uses android all thanks to the lightweight concurrency primitives that Rust comes with. The company is also pushing its first major revision of the Rust and will be tweaked according within the coming year, complete with tools and libraries in order.

Samsung was also the one who contributed ARM’s backend for Rust and built the infrastructure required to work with Android.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Sound good. I never ever saw eye to eye with Firefox anyway.

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