Mozilla is a partner not a competitor says Google

/ 6 years ago

In the light of the recently renewed web advertising deal between Google and Mozilla, Google have started talking about Firefox. As the value of the deal reportedly rises from $100 million to $300 million, Google stated the importance of Mozilla in the global web system and they went on to state Chrome isn’t a profit seeking operation but a means of advancing the web.

“People never seem to understand why Google builds Chrome no matter how many times I try to pound it into their heads. It’s very simple: the primary goal of Chrome is to make the web advance as much and as quickly as possible. It’s completely irrelevant to this goal whether Chrome actually gains tons of users or whether instead the web advances because the other browser vendors step up their game and produce far better browsers. Either way the web gets better. Job done.”

Google are not worried about competition as they insist Chrome and Firefox are different hence why they are not competitors but partners.

“Firefox is an important product because it can be a different product with different design decisions and serve different users well.”

Source: TweakTown


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