MSI adds A55 Llano board to its range

/ 6 years ago

World respected motherboard maker MSI has added a new board to its Llano range of motherboards. The A55M-P35 is based off the A55 chip set (not the A75) and therefore has no native SATA III or USB 3.0 support on it at all. So with regards to its position in the market it is aimed at the very lowest end of the market, definitely an entry level board only but it still has some fantastic features. It comes with MSI’s OC Genie II technology which intelligently sets an overclock through pre determined clock and voltage settings to give you extra performance out of your FM1 APU package. You get two DDR3-1866 slots for high frequency memory supporting up to 16GB.

The board uses the click BIOS or UEFI BIOS which allows for the easier use of your BIOS and altering BIOS settings such as boot order priority and CPU multiplier changes. You get MSI’s mFlash BIOS technology which stores your BIOS safely with it backed up and without the need for several BIOS chips to be attached to the motherboard. AMD’s Dual graphics technology or Hybrid CrossFireX between the APU and a discrete card is also supported which is good for the more gaming orientated consumer. Finally the USB ports are protected from damaging USB devices or the mainboard when short-outs occur and they have been adapted to provide more power when a USB device is attached and needs charging.


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