MSI and INNO3D Confirm Nvidia 1650 GDDR6 GPU Launches

Around the beginning of the year, we first began to hear rumors that Nvidia had approved plans to launch a revised design of their 1650 graphics cards. Specifically, one that would see it upgraded from GDDR5 memory to GDDR5. The rumors initially started with MSI, they did, however, gain a lot more traction when images from a Gigabyte GPU leaked earlier this month.

Well, following coinciding PR releases, both MSI and INNO3D have been the first to officially confirm that they will be releasing 1650 graphics cards under this new GDDR6 platform!


As part of MSI’s announcement, they have confirmed that 4 models (currently under their 1650 range) will see new designs transitioning to GDDR6 memory. The GPU releases (coming under the ‘D6’ branding) include:

  • GamingX Series
  • Ventus XS series
  • Aero ITX Series
  • LP Series (Low Profile)

Of these releases, the latter two have been specifically designed for use within mini-ITX systems. Albeit, you can (of course) still use these models in standard desktop builds.

For more information on these graphics cards, you can check out the official MSI website via the link here!


INNO3D’s line up is, comparatively, much smaller than MSI’s with only two graphics cards (at least at the time of writing) getting the GDDR6 treatment. Of these, however, it’s hard to ignore that the “Compact” is a very attractive design while the Twin X2 OC still maintains a very solid (if mildly unmarkable) aesthetic.

For more information on these graphics cards, you can check out the official INNO3D website via the link here!

What Do We Think?

The biggest question mark surrounding these GPU releases is just how much the GDDR6 memory will improve the overall performance. Benchmarks revealed yesterday suggest that they (compared to the original GDDR5 models) might squeeze another 6% out of benchmarks. This is, however, still pending some more formal testing and, rest assured, we’re working on getting samples to find out for ourselves!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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