MSI Announces MS-9A6 Series of HMI Panel PCs

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The new series of all-in-one HMI Panel PCs consists of three models. The MS-9A61, MS-9A62 and MS-9A63 where the only difference is the size of the screen.

The IPC’s are a powerfull all-in-one solution powered by Intel Mobile processors and with build-in 15″, 17″ and 19″ TFT LCD screens featuring 5-wire resistive touch panel. This makes them an optimal HMI platform for automation, kiosk, POI, digital signatures, etc. They also allow for connection of a second display.

Designed for diverse HMI applications with high integration flexibility in mind, the MS-9A61/9A62/9A63 allows system integrators to flexibly choose from MSI’s Mini-ITX embedded mainboards (under 35W models) according to different application requirements.

They will feature plenty of storage options, ranging from HDD, SSD, mSATA to SATA DOM to satisfy any different storage demand, maybe it be high capacity or extreme speeds.

This panel PC leads a great concept that allows system integrators to choose from any of MSI’s Mini-ITX embedded motherboards under 35W. In order to secure the power connection, it provides a lockable power jack that fastens the power connection. For easy adjustment of the touch screen, the panel PC comes with a removable front frame design.

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Key Features

  • Intel Dual Core Cedarview 1.86GHz CPU
  • 15″/17″/19″ TFT LCD with 5-wire resistive touch panel built-in
  • High contrast ratio and wide viewing angle of LCD to allow the display to be easily seen
  • Removable front frame to facilitate the adjustment or maintenance
  • Flexible storage (HDD/SSD/mSATA /SATA DOM) options
  • Support mSATA for solid state disk option
  • IP65 front panel
  • Lockable power jack to secure the power adaptor connection
  • Support DC-in 12V
  • Optional stand or open-frame panel PC

Thank you guru3D for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of guru3D.

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