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MSI Cubi 5 10M Comet Lake Mini-PC

How Much Does it Cost?

At this price range, MSI Cubi 5 why isn’t particularly cheap, it is a premium compact system and I think the price reflects that. You’re paying a little more for a modern CPU, robust connectivity, and expandability.

The i5 model we reviewed is just £349.99 at CCL, the i3 is just £299.00 and the flagship i7 will set you back £499. Pick your model on Amazon UK here or Amazon US here.


However, your choice of CPU you can change the price too. There is an option with an i3, and an option with an i7, which are cheaper and more expensive respectively. Which one is right for you? I can’t really say, but the i5 is certainly going to be the sweet spot of price vs performance.


I quite like compact systems, especially if I’m just doing my regular review work, I rarely need more than a web browser, Photoshop, and some form of multimedia playback to keep me entertained. When you boil it down to all of that I don’t really need a fire breathing gaming rig to do my work. This takes up less space, use drastically less power, produces less noise and heat, and is obviously cheaper. There is also the added benefit that it is highly portable. With several months of lockdown behind us, I must admit I have found myself working in various rooms of the house to keep out of the way the children, and likewise for them looking for a spare computer to do their homework.


Keep in mind this is the PSU, the case, the motherboard, the CPU the memory, the storage and the operating system too. It’s all here in one ready to rock bundle. You power it up, sign in to your Windows account and you’re ready to rock. For a rapid deployment, it’s epic. Plus the ease of use for offices, families and more, it’s certainly appealing. At this price though, I think it’s a bargain for those who don’t need a gaming PC but still need a perfectly capable and compact system overall.

Should I Buy One?

It’s certainly not for everyone, but it’s also for a lot of people. Digital signage? No problem. A portable system for work presentations and running a dual-display system, even a projector? No problem. An affordable but punchy office system that’s going to be nice and quiet? Easy. A hidden PC behind your monitor for a small workstation at home? You got it. At this price, you can’t go wrong.

MSI Cubi 5 10M Comet Lake Mini-PC

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Peter Donnell

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