MSI Force GC30 Wireless Gaming Controller Review

/ 1 month ago

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MSI Force GC30 Wireless Gaming Controller Review

MSI Force GC30

The PC gaming market is awesome, not only do we have the ability to push incredible graphics performance, we also get to play however we want. While PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers, to name but a few, work on PC, there are many others too. The latest controller from MSI is the Force GC30, and while not the most expensive peripheral in the world, it does look promising.

Featuring full wireless support, it’s great for kicking back and gaming on the big screen. However, it can be used over USB for those who prefer to keep things wired, and will even work on Android should you need it to.

At around £35 to £45 dependant on where you shop, it’s not going to break the bank either. Now let’s get it out of the box, and take a closer look at what it has to offer to the world!


  • Support for Wireless
  • Support PC, Android and Popular Consoles
  • Long-acting Lithium Battery Lasting at least 8 Hours Gaming
  • Dual Vibration Motors Inside
  • Durable Switches with Excellent Feel
  • Additional D-Pad Cover
  • 2M Cable & 30 CM Cable for Android


What MSI Had to Say

“With advanced analog sticks, the Force GC series controllers provide flawless smooth movement. This comes in handy for continuous maneuvers in vehicles or tracking the enemy with your sights. Gamers can truly enjoy their racing games with the triggers in the Force GC series. Precision with up to 256-level accelerator simulation. Compared to conventional controllers, the Force GC series controllers use button switches with up to 2 million clicks to offer longer lifespan.” – MSI

What’s in the Box

In the box, you’ll two USB cables. The first cable is long and well suited to use on a desktop system as it’ll easily reach the rear USB ports. The shorter cable is only 30cm but perfect for use on a smaller Android device. Those eager to use it in wireless mode will find a nice and compact USB dongle, which pairs up automagically once connected.

Also in the box, these two gorgeous metal inserts for the D-pad. You’ve got the classic + shape, and a dish type. Which is best for you is really subjective, but for me, I’ll be using the classic + model.

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  1. ZAMHome says:

    Interesting. Confuses only the price of the device.

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