MSI Gaming Storage Card Spotted at Computex 2017

/ 8 months ago

MSI Gaming Storage Card Spotted at Computex 2017

MSI Gaming Storage

Tired of waiting for those pesky loading screens to go away, so you can enjoy the action again? Then you’re going to want, no NEED, the new MSI Gaming Storage Card. This high-end storage device takes up a PCIe x8 slot, providing you with a pair of M.2 2280(22110) SSD slots. These can be run in RAID 0, delivering up to 7200MB/s in transfer speeds. That’s a lot of performance for any system!

Of course, the faster the M.2 NVMe SSD you install in this, the better the performance. Super Capacitors are built-in to the board too, so things should be safe if you have a power failure. The blower fan will keep the drives cool under heavy load too, ensuring the performance isn’t being throttled.

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We can’t wait to get one of these in the office and have a play around with it! Would you buy one for your system?


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