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MSI GE62 6QD Apache Pro Gaming Laptop Review

Synthetic Benchmarks

PC Mark 8

The GE62 6QD manages a healthy score of 3562 and didn’t struggle with any aspects of the benchmark. To put these numbers into perspective, the GTX 960M-based laptop comes extremely close to a more-expensive Haswell mobile system which is an impressive feat.



When analyzing the synthetic graphical benchmarks, it’s clear that the GTX 960M is underpowered compared to other systems we’ve tested in the past. However, for the price-point and mobile chipset, the scores are quite reasonable and shouldn’t deter you from considering the system based on synthetics alone.

Unigine Heaven

A similar pattern occurs in Heaven 4.0, as the GE62 6QD lingers behind the competition but achieves the kind of results which the GTX 960M is known for. Our recent transition to Unigine Heaven, makes the system’s performance look quite underwhelming. However, you have to take into account the extreme grade graphics cards present in the previously reviewed systems.

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John Williamson

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