MSI Gets $340,000 Worth of Nvidia 3090’s Stolen!

It’s certainly been a year of highs and lows for MSI, but in something that shouldn’t come as any surprise, it’s not exactly been a secret that the recently released Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 has been in exceptionally high demand with stock levels being woefully below the (apparent) consumer demand.

Following a Twitter post by user ‘@GoFlying8‘, however, it looks like both MSI and 3090 stock levels have just been hit by a huge double whammy as reports are suggesting that around $340,000 worth of Nvidia 3090’s have been stolen from one of MSI’s Chinese factories.

MSI 3090 Heist!

In something quite possibly worthy of an Oceans 11 film adaptation, the report indicates that around 40 cargo boxes were stolen from MSI’s mainland China factory of which around $340,000 Nvidia 3090 graphics cards were contained within.

Given the apparent specific selection of these particular ‘crates’, it is understood that MSI believes that this may have been an ‘inside job’. As such, from a leaked internal memo, they are offering clemency to the culprit if they volunteer where the graphics cards might currently be, along with a reward for any pertinent information that leads to their recovery.

What Do We Think?

While $340,000 certainly sounds like a big number, and it is, a dose of reality and a little maths does suggest that in terms of physical units, the actual number of graphics cards stolen is probably something between 180-220. So, not exactly a figure that would have a huge impact on the lack of supply, but certainly having less available now doesn’t help either! – This may, however, be the root cause of this very specific theft.

With supply being so low, it only takes a quick mooch around eBay to see how 3090’s are available to purchase, but at hugely inflated prices. As such, it’s possible that this theft is a huge play by a crime organization looking to tap into this. – I know, it sounds mad, but tell me it doesn’t make sense?…

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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