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MSI GK30, GM30 & GH30 Gaming Peripherals Review

How Much Does it Cost?

All three of these peripherals are designed to be somewhat affordable, but still deliver big on features. So their price isn’t “bottom of the range” but they’re certainly not wallet busters either. The keyboard is priced around £49.99 from most major retailers, and the mouse and headset are £42.00 and £25.99 respectively. I have seen prices fluctuate quite a lot, most likely due to current Covid-19 restrictions, so keep an eye out for good deals. However, it looks like you’ll get all three for a sniff under £120.


The latest peripherals from MSI are certainly interesting, as all of them are made with compromises. They were designed to be affordable, which means cutting some level of quality or features along the way. They could build the keyboard as a mechanical, it would increase the cost, they could build it as a membrane to make it cheaper. However, I think they struck a good balance with a plunger switch design.

Keyboard and Mouse

Actually, I want to say that the keyboard is just fantastic, it’s everything I could ask for from a keyboard of this price, and I highly recommend it. The mouse too is superb, with a really smart and modern design that feels great in the hand, but also looks good. Plus, the optical sensor they’ve employed works beautifully, and while the design isn’t quite the same as the keyboard, they do look good together.


The headset is fine, it really is, but it’s just doesn’t seem to be the headset for me or a good fit for the MSI **30 series. It doesn’t have a matching design or RGB technology, so it’s not a natural fit with the mouse and keyboard. It doesn’t fit my large head well at all, although my kids tried it, and it seems to suit them just fine. I will add though, it sounds absolutely fantastic, so if MSI can tidy up the design and fit, they’re onto a winner. However, for now, I’d rather just go buy the MSI GH50 for £79. Double the money, but it’s good enough to be worth it.


Out of all of the hardware here, the mouse is the most dialled in for gaming. It’s the least compromised of the three products. The sensor is really good and the mechanical switches feel great too. The keyboard is no slouch for gaming either, but I’m not a pro gamer at all. I don’t play competitive, I don’t play FPS. However, for an evening of Elder Scrolls Online and a couple of retro fighting games through the day, it didn’t let me down once.

MSI GK30 & GM30

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Peter Donnell

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