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MSI GS72 6QE Stealth Pro Gaming Laptop Review

CPU & Memory Performance

Cinebench R15

The system’s i7-6700HQ processor is capable of excellent multi-threaded performance due to the 4 core, 8 thread configuration. As you can see, it’s not a major improvement compared to the previous generation i7-4720HQ. However, this shouldn’t detract from the commendable Cinebench score.

Super Pi

During single-threaded workloads, the i7-6700HQ isn’t as effective and mobile chips fall behind their desktop counterparts due to a lower turbo frequency. Nevertheless, the compute time is decent when you factor in the portable form factor.

AIDA64 Engineer

The i7-6700HQ’s support for DDR4 memory greatly enhances the laptop’s memory bandwidth when pitted against previous generation products. For example, the 2133MHz speed leads to a huge boost in read, write and copy speeds compared to the GE62 6QD Apache Pro.

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John Williamson

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