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MSI GT73VR Titan GTX 1070 SLI Gaming Laptop Review

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Despite being limited to a laptop form factor, this is one of the most powerful and fastest systems we’ve ever tested, and as such, it comes with a price tag to match its larger than life performance. The 1080P version equipped with a 120Hz display will cost you £2299.99, which the 4K screen equipped version we tested today is £2867.99. This obviously isn’t cheap, but looking at the features and the performance figures, it’s not like you don’t get a lot for your money!


Where do I even start with this system, on the one hand, it’s completely mental, and on the other, it’s utterly brilliant! The first thing to deal with is the price, £3000 is not a small amount of money, and it’s obviously not priced for your day-to-day consumer. This is some serious hardware for those who need extreme performance in a vaguely portable format. I can see something like this appealing to those who develop games, want a portable VR gaming demonstration system, or just those who don’t want any compromises in terms of gaming performance when they’re away from home or at the office.

In terms of productivity, it is awards all round for the Titan. It’s got a full-size keyboard, excellent connectivity, can support multiple external displays, can deliver frightening frame rates even at 4K resolutions, it’s got a screen with incredible colour accuracy, powerful speakers that are great for media consumption, a powerful processor, extremely fast M.2 performance thanks to its RAID 0 configuration. The list goes on and on, and when it comes to getting your work done, the only thing that’ll slow you down is nipping to grab a cup of coffee, but certainly not the Titan.

For a system with this level of hardware and performance, it runs surprisingly cool and quiet. That’s not to say it is cool and quiet, but more so than you would expect, and it shows that MSI has put a lot of thought into the cooling configuration of this laptop. The extensive heat pipe design does keep it cool but plays no small part in the overall weight of the system. You’ll want a pretty sturdy backpack to lug this beast around, although, with a short battery life, it’s not truly “portable” like some other laptops.

If you need something that’s big and powerful, but just about small enough to actually be moved around from time to time, the Titan is the way to go. It makes no compromises in performance, it makes no compromises in size, or even in price. It’s one of the fastest and most capable systems we’ve ever tested and so long as you don’t mind finding two plug sockets every time you want to use it, you’ll be extremely impressed with what it has to offer.


  • Choice of 120Hz or 4K panels
  • 100% Adobe RGB (4K)
  • Extremely fast M.2 RAID 0 storage
  • Exceptional gaming performance even at 4K
  • Great sound
  • Powerful cooling system
  • One of the most powerful systems we’ve ever tested
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Excellent connectivity


  • Requires two power sockets and limited battery life


  • Quite big and heavy
  • Big performance means big retail price

MSI GT73VR Titan GTX 1070 SLI Gaming Laptop Review

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Peter Donnell

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