MSI GTX 680 Lightning gets full cover water block from EK

/ 5 years ago

The MSI GTX 680 Lightning is the shiznik when it comes to single GPU graphics cards from Nvidia. The MSI GTX 680 Lightning features a custom cooler, PCB, VRM and factory overclocks. Yet its probably possible to overclock your MSI Lightning even further if you water cool it – and the chances are the kind of enthusiasts who can afford this hugely expensive card might also be interested in water cooling it.

As a result EK has responded to demand and developed a full cover water block for the MSI GTX 680 Lightning. The reason why a specially designed water block was required is because the MSI GTX 680 Lightning uses a non-standard layout.

The EK-FC680 GTX Lightning water block will cool the RAM, VRM and GPU to offer you the maximum overclocking capabilities. EK claim the block has a high flow design so will support water cooling loops with weaker pumps.

The base of the water block is constructed from Nickel plated Electrolytic Copper and the top is made from POM acetal metal. Up to four EK-FC680 GTX Lightning series water blocks could be interconnected with EK-FC Bridge & Link system if you wanted to run 4 way SLI.

The EK-FC680 GTX lighting will be available from the EK webshop by the end of this month.

Source: Press Release

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