MSI GTX 780 Lightning Graphics Card Pictured

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MSI’s GTX 780 Lightning Graphics card has been pictured over at HardwareZone but was later redacted, thankfully the good guys over at WCCFTech have managed to keep a hold on these pictures. They reveal exactly what MSI’s GTX 780 Lightining graphics card looks like so we can get a fuller look at the new card from MSI. The card uses a “TriFrozr” cooling design of a pair of 100mm fans on either side and a yellow 80mm fan at the centre. These cool a dense aluminium heatsink stack with seven 8mm “SuperPipes”. The TriFrozr cooler also uses digital PWM controls and MSI’s dust removal technology.


This beast of a card is powered by a pair of 8 pin PCIe connectors to a mammoth 16+3+1 phase VRM. This VRM uses DrMOS 4 components with higher efficiency and more power stability.


At the heart of the system is a  GK110-300-A2 GPU and MSI’s reactor module on the back feeding it additional clean and stable power. The card also uses a backplate.


Display outputs are all gold plated and include a pair of DVI ports, HDMI and DisplayPort. This card of course supports Nvidia Surround technology.MSI-GTX-780-Lightning-4

The source reported a price of $1000+ Singapore Dollars which is about $800 USD. We will of course endeavour to get this card in for a review but in the meantime we encourage you to check out the full article at WCCFTech if you want all the nitty-gritty details about the upcoming MSI flagship.

Images courtesy of HardwareZone via WCCFTech

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