MSI labels Gigabyte’s PCI-E 3.0 boards as Fake

/ 6 years ago

MicroStar International has produced a report in which it claims Gigabyte is misleading consumers about its PCI-E 3.0 compliance. According to MSI only a board with the latest Gen3 Switch chips can actually function at PCI-E 3.0 speeds. It claims all Gigabyte’s boards (with exception to the G1 Sniper 2) have Gen2 24xx Pericom switch chips not Gen3 34xx pericom switch chips meaning that even though greater bandwidth is available it cannot be used. MSI claims to have done testing which proves that Gigabyte’s boards actually do only operate at Gen2 speeds. You can see the slides below which show MSI’s claims and results of their testing.


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2 Responses to “MSI labels Gigabyte’s PCI-E 3.0 boards as Fake”
  1. dudes45 says:

    Thats rather amusing, although I can't imagine why Gigabyte would do that.. Seems a bit strange to be honest. :rolleyes:

  2. ZILZAL says:

    i liked it, i like how companies these days shows fail of each otherCorsair shows fail of VisionTek PSUsand here is MSI shows fail of Gigabyte.

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