MSI Launch Gaming Series SLI Bridge

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We all love to spruce up the insides of our computers from time to time; a bit of cable tidying here, a new fan there and maybe a tasteful amount of LEDs to really show off the boring SLI bridge you have connecting the premium GTX 980Ti’s.

Some companies have already designed and produced own branded SLI bridges to cover the market gap, but MSI have remained quiet; until now. This new bridge is simply stunning and follows a similar design pattern to the already establish MSI GAMING range of products.





With sharp lines and vivid red, these will enhance the look of your graphics cards. They incorporate an LED-backlit MSI GAMING logo and are encased by a carefully engineered metal shroud. Weighing in at 50g, it isn’t the lightest of options on the market, but who cares; it looks amazing.

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This new product hasn’t come as much of a surprise, with developers pushing the boundaries of gaming detail while utilising 4k resolutions; the need for multi-GPU set-up’s couldn’t be greater. To effectively run most games at the maximum graphics detail at 4k, you will now require at least two NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics cards.

Will you be investing in one of these SLI bridges? Let us know in the comments.

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