MSI launches its Afterburner app for Android

/ 6 years ago

MSI has added another level of customisability to overclocking. The MSI Afterburner App allows you to transform your Android phone into an ‘Overclocking Controller’.

The MSI Afterburner app allows you to monitor and overclock your graphics card any time and anywhere, the app can even increase the voltage of your graphics card. Not only has the app eliminated that overwhelmingly hard problem of having to be physically present at the computer to adjust the graphics card, it has also effectively replaced the mouse, keyboard, and more. Although I am not quite as convinced, it is certainly one of those apps you will want to give a go.

The Afterburner App uses a WiFi connection and allows users to be able to monitor; core temperatures, frequency, memory clock speed, fan speed and even CPU and memory usages as well as being given lots more information. All of this is updated in real time giving you everything you need to know right at your fingertips.

Extreme enthusiasts will be able to push their graphics card to its limit and will certainly aid in breaking records with more ease. Gamers can also perform adjustments on display cards while playing games, without having to interrupt the game play at all, this can also help to improve the game play performance. Other users who employ the GPU to carry out scientific computing projects such as [email protected] will now not be tied to their computers.

Certainly an interesting idea by MSI although I’m not so sure how many people will find this that useful, so let us know if you do!


One Response to “MSI launches its Afterburner app for Android”
  1. Leo Bien Durana says:

    MSI also launched a contest about this. Check their fb fan club if someone here is interested 😉

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