MSI MAG CORELIQUID E Series 360mm AIO Review

A Closer Look

The fans are really nice, even before we’ve powered them on to enjoy the RGB. I really like the look of the frosted fan blades, they look much more premium than usual. MSI says in their blurb that “The fan blades are constructed of low impurity acrylic for better ARGB lighting presentation.” but I think they just look better overall thanks to the quality materials used.

The fan housing is pretty slim, with a circular frame that very closely contours the blades, and then four frame-like corner mounts with anti-vibration rubber mounts. It makes the fans feel lighter than usual, as they’ve saved on a lot of material here.

However, they’re still robust feeling, what plastics are here are thick enough and nice and durable, so there’s no unwanted flex or deformation.

The pump looks pretty decent too, it’s a circular design which looks smart enough and a scooped-out ring on the top that has some ARGB lighting built into it for some added flair. I mean, that’s my take on it, but the official blurb from MSI is some whacked-out hippy stuff, I’ve edited it down but it reads “inspired by the passing of time and the shape of solar eclipse […] The circular shape represents the cyclical nature of time and the continuous flow of energy”.

The radiator looks great. It’s a slim 360mm design, so it’s going to be largely compatible with most ATX mid and full towers, but of course, remember to check your cases’ capabilities before you order one!

The fin density looks great too. Some cheaper models look a bit thin on the material here, but this one is nicely packed and features a 12-heat pipe design that should do a great job of dissipating the heat more efficiently.

It can support the mounting of the fans on either side, so you can have it push or pull air depending on how you choose to install it in your case.

Finally, the tubing comes with a thick and premium quality braiding that keeps things looking great, but also adds an additional layer of protection.

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