MSI MEG X570 GODLIKE Motherboard Review

How Much Does it Cost?

At the time of writing, we didn’t have the exact price, but I do have a rough figure. It’s not an easy pill to swallow, so be sure you’re sitting down. The price of the MSI MEG X570 GODLIKE will be “£777” and I think 77p too. This coincides with the 7nm on the 7th of the 7th release AMD pulled. Now, that is a LOT of cash I know. However, it’s a lot of motherboard, and you get a LOT of extra tech thrown in. You can check updated prices in the UK here and the US here.


The MSI MEG X570 GODLIKE really is an absolute monster of a motherboard. It’s got so many features you could damn near split it in two and still have two fully equipped motherboards. MSI may be pushing their luck with the price, but you do get so much for your investment. However, I must stress that this is a motherboard purely for the most extreme system builds, I wouldn’t buy it unless you really planned to use things like 10 GbE networking and RAID Gen4 NVMe drives, otherwise you’re paying for more than you really need.

Build Quality

Somewhere under all the armour on this motherboard is a server grade PCB. It’s exceptionally well made, and you can feel that just holding it. It’s big, it’s heavy, and honestly, it’s quite intimidating. The attention to detail is there to see though. With that massive 14+4+1 Phase design, huge heatsinks, and an extensive heatpipe hooking up all the vitals. Even when it comes to things like the audio, WiFi, and add-in cards, the best components have been chosen for each.


In short, the MSI MEG X570 GODLIKE is bloody fast, but that hardly comes as a surprise. It lagged behind a bit in FireStrike for some reason though, but I suspect that’ll improve as drivers do. Unigine had no such issues, giving us our second highest score to date, and our third fastest PCMark 10 and WPrime score too. You get the idea though, for nearly every benchmark, it was in the medals alongside some pretty hefty competition. Easily one of the quickest X570 motherboards, although with all the extra “features” I suspect you loose a little overhead performance as a trade off for colossal connectivity.

Added Value

Well, I wouldn’t call it so much added value, so much as paying a lot more for a lot more. However, there’s not one feature on this motherboard that isn’t the best of the best. We love the PCIe 4.0 integration, with four full-size PCIe lanes, as well as 3x Gen 4 M.2 mounts. Throw in a couple of GPUs, then use the other two slots for the M.2 RAID card and the 10 GbE networking. You’ll certainly not have any concerns about loading times and networking for many years to come. The Xtreme Audio DAC setup is there for audiophiles, and the overclocking features will likely have a few world records to claim in the coming weeks too.

Should I Buy One

Well, likely no. It’s just so damn expensive and so overkill for pretty much any gaming build. That’s not to say you shouldn’t do it though. If you’ve got the cash, and you want truly flagship features and performance, the MSI X570 GODLIKE is as good as it gets right now. However, I do think it is a reserve of the enthusiast, and most consumers can do just fine much further down the range.

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