MSI MPG ARTYMIS 343CQR Ultra-Wide Gaming Monitor Review


The stand offers a nice range of adjustments. With a -5° ~ 20° level of tilt forwards and backwards. You’ll be able to swivel 30° left and right, which is loads for a screen this size as you don’t want to be dragging that heavy stand over your desk.

Plus, the height and be set quite low, like this.

And adjusted a full 100mm upwards. Overall, you shouldn’t have issues finding a suitable viewing angle.

The stand is gorgeous, but if you want to mount it on your own monitor arm or a wall mount, it uses a standard VESA 100 fitting. You just need a stand that can handle around 10KG, although I’d suggest 15KG VESA mounts just due to the overall size of the monitor.

The UI on the monitor is straightforward to use thanks to the easy to reach buttons on the back. It has all the usual calibration and quick settings options you would expect. However, there’s some compassion software for the more advanced gaming zoom and aiming assists too.

There’s a range of default profiles built-in and all the usual gaming settings. Of course, we’ll be restoring defaults for our testing, then performing a custom calibration to re-test, so I’ll leave this alone for now. For some reason, both Pro Mode User and Gaming mode User on the other tab are ticked, so I’m not sure exactly what is selected here.

The massive screen space is excellent for work, as you can fit two windows side-by-side easily.

Of course, why settle at just two when you can have three!

While you’ll have to settle for black bars at the sides for 16:9 content, it’s amazing how quickly you get used to that; much like you do black bars on 16:9 letterbox content. However, even YouTube and plenty of other media players will allow you to fill that screen up quite easily. Oh yes, this looks even better in person than you would think.

The same goes for gaming, and with 3440 x 1440, there’s plenty of visual information for a screen this size. You’re still getting the same pixel density per inch as a normal 1440p screen; there’s just more width and more horizontal pixels to compensate, so the screen looks fantastic at all times.

Of course, at 144hz, it’s silky smooth to play on too. Don’t worry if your GPU can’t always hit that top figure either, as FreeSync Premium will help fill in the gaps and keep your screen tear-free.

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