MSI Now Shipping GE40 “Dragon Eyes” Notebook

/ 4 years ago


When Computex was taking place we brought you news of the brand new MSI GE40 “Dragon Eyes” gaming notebook that was coming. Now it is finally here and available for purchase. The MSI GE40 comes equipped with an Intel Core i7 4702MQ Haswell Mobile CPU and an Nvidia GTX 760M Kepler Mobile GPU.  The rest of the system is pretty standard for a current gaming notebook (Windows 8, Gigabit LAN, B/G/N WiFi and so on) but there are two models of this notebook which have model names that will vary by region. Yet the specifications of the two models are the same.


The cheaper option uses a 750GB mechanical hard drive with a DVD drive while the more expensive option drops the DVD drive and has a 128GB mSATA SSD. There is a marginal price difference between these two of about $100/£100. You can see the full specifications below.

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While the U.S MSRPs and model numbers are listed above, in the UK we will be getting the GE40 2OC-038UK and GE40 2OC-024UK variants which are physically identical to the U.S models as far as I can see. UK pricing is currently £999.99 for the cheaper “024UK/008US” variant while the more expensive “038UK/009US” model costs £1099.99.

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  • d6bmg

    IMO 1.3K and 1.4K are descent enough pricing by MSI.

    Or should I say very good?

    • compared to Alienware it is a bargain lol

      • d6bmg

        IMO, Alienware = overpriced shit. (compared to all other brands)
        Since dell have acquired them they are going downhill in terms of quality & price ratio.

      • Wayne

        Anything, (with the exception of Apple’s stuff) is a bargain compared to Alienware.

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