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MSI Provides Possible Solution For 12VHPWR Cable Issues

The 12VHPWR cable has been major talking point around the NVIDIA 40 series cards but now MSI has developed a possible solution for the problems with the connector.

MSI Coloured 12VHPWR Connector

The issue with the 12VHPWR connector has been claimed as a user error with the cable not being fully put into the connector leading to the burning issues many have encountered. To solve this issue MSI as revealed by PCWorld at Computex, has come up with a yellow 12VHPWR cable connector. The way this works is very simple as if you can still see the yellow part of the cable then the cable is not fully plugged in and at risk of damage.

A Simple Solution?

This solution is a very simple change and other manufacturers can easily implement it although is it really such a simple solution? Some reports around the issues of this connector have claimed that the connector still had issues even when plugged in fully so many do still think that the connector is the problem and not the user. Either way, any attempt to mitigate user error is good and if users can smell burning but can’t see yellow then it will just reinforce the claim that it isn’t user error.

What do you think of this system? Let us know in the comments.

Jakob Aylesbury

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