MSI R9 270 TwinFrozr Gaming OC Edition 2GB Graphics Card Review

/ 4 years ago

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MSI R9 270 TF Gaming (3)

MSI’s TwinFrozr Gaming series of graphics cards are becoming hugely popular among gamers – and rightly so. MSI offer the same high end dual 100mm fan TwinFrozr IV cooling solution on all the Gaming series graphics cards, even the more affordable GPUs. The TwinFrozr IV runs cool, deadly quiet and gives you bags of overclocking potential, as well as looking down-right awesome. Today we have a graphics card that will sell like Lightning (MSI branding pun intended), equipping AMD’s sweet-spot R9 270 GPU, which is essentially a underclocked R9 270X, MSI’s R9 270 TwinFrozr Gaming looks set to be a winner among gamers. It offers a super-attractive price point, great looking custom cooler and a factory overclock of 50MHz on the GPU core. The 2GB of memory is kept at the default 1400MHz/5600MHz effective reference clock speed.

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The box comes with MSI’s Gaming series branding. Included inside, other than the card itself, is a power supply adapter, VGA adapter, quick user’s guide and driver CD.

MSI R9 270 TF Gaming (1)

The back of the box details key features about the product, more of which you can see in detail here at the official product page.

MSI R9 270 TF Gaming (2)

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One Response to “MSI R9 270 TwinFrozr Gaming OC Edition 2GB Graphics Card Review”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    I don’t know if game bundles and promo’s are an issue given the price. It would be the last thing I would look at, if at all.

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