MSI ready with its GTX 560SE OC

/ 6 years ago

The GTX 560 SE is a card that hasn’t received much positive attention, essentially being a slightly cut down GTX 560 running off old 40nm architecture the card has been release to help clear Nvidia stock of older cards before the transition into 28nm at the mid range. The card is very power efficient, with solid overclocking and performance figures. The card is ideal for anyone looking for mid-range gaming performance on a strict budget and needs a performance margin somewhere between the GTX 550Ti and GTX 560.

MSI’s variant of the GTX 560 SE is an OC version using a custom dual fan cooler over a dense heat sink array. The card clocks at 750/1500/957(3828) MHz core/CUDA cores/memory(effective) against reference clock speeds of 736/1472/957(3828) MHz. The PCB used is non reference, and MSI have deployed the CopperMOS technology. The card features 288 CUDA cores, and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 192-bit wide memory interface. Expect this card to cost under $200.

Source: TPU


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