MSI Tease with More X99 Features

/ 3 years ago


MSI RawZ keeps spreading joy around the webs forums with teases of the new X99 motherboards, and this time I found it on our own. The new MSI X99S XPOWER AC will come with Direct USB. This will gives overclockers direct access to the USB port on their bench tables. Pretty much any test bench has the same direction for the motherboard as we are used to, with the IO shield to the back, so having the USB port at the front can help a lot. We’ve all experienced the 3-step-usb-plug.


We have also learned that all MSI X99 motherboards will come with Turbo M.2. Gen3 x4 which can deliver up to 32Gb/s data transfers. That is three times faster than a normal M.2 slot. Combine this with a Samsung XP941 M.2 SSD and your system will reach the speed of light.

Thank you MSI for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of MSI.


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