MSI Teases M.2 Motherboard Cooling Solution

/ 1 year ago


The M.2 form factor is much more convenient that SATA-based devices and allows for a clean build with less trailing cables. Not only that, the ability to proudly display a high-end NVMe drive directly in the motherboard shouldn’t be underestimated. In theory, the M.2 format should replace SATA drives and cater towards the mainstream market as well as those requiring unbelievably fast read/write rates. Saying that, the positioning of an M.2 drive right next to a graphics card which can reach temperatures of 80C and above can pose some problems. Also, the M.2’s small circuit board has a smaller area of copper than 2.5-inch SSDs which contributes to an increased chance of thermal throttling. As a result, extremely fast drives like the Samsung SM951 cannot uphold their full potential.

Thankfully, MSI has engineered an innovative cooling solution which looks set to be included on 200-series motherboards. The M.2 shield revolves around an aluminium heat shield and thermal pad. Apparently, this is enough to lower the drive’s temperatures and prevent throttling. Honestly, I don’t think this is a gimmick and wouldn’t be surprised if it worked quite well. Of course, once I receive some MSI motherboards supporting this feature, it will be tested.

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