MSI Unleashes the X99S MPower Motherboard

/ 3 years ago

msi4MSI announced the release of the MSI X99S MPOWER motherboard today. After MSI launched its X99S XPOWER AC motherboard at the end of August it is time for the little brother to make its appearance and assist in dominating the benchmarks.

The MSI X99S MPOWER is a custom designed overclocking motherboard, specifically for enthusiasts demanding the highest performance and the best stability while still getting a ton of OC features. The quality and efficiency of this series of motherboards really showed during the latest MOA event where they broke 26 records during the finals.

Where the previous model was an EATX form factor motherboard, this might appeal somewhat more to the average user with the standard ATX form factor.


The X99S MPOWER is ready to take on the new six and eight core Intel CPUs on the LGA2011-3 socket. It supports up to 128GB DDR4 quad-channel memory with speeds up to 2133MHz standard and 3333MHz OC speeds.

Storage can be connected to the Turbo M.2 32 Gb/s, SATA Express or ten SATA3 ports. It also has other notable features such as Audio Boost and Intel Gigabit LAN.



Using Military Class 4 components helps this motherboard to stay stable, even under the most tasking overclocking actions. Together with the OC Certification and OC Engine, the motherboard helps you to push your system to its limits with more flexible bClk overclocking than normal.


There are a lot of similarities to the bigger brother and Quad Multi-GPU is supported on this motherboard as well. The motherboard is ready to climb the overclocking-ladders!

Thanks to MSI for providing us with this information

Images courtesy of MSI

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