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MSI Unveils Aluminium Gaming Mousepad

MSI has announced two anodized aluminium-based gaming mousepads which withstand a great deal of stress during intense gaming sessions. The rigorous construction cannot be bent and held in place with four strong rubber feet. Additionally, the L-shaped design allows for maximum flexibility when positioning the mousepad in the most comfortable position. This indent means it’s possible to almost slot your keyboard into the gap which makes for a cleaner workspace.

The aluminium gaming mousepad measures 320mm x 225mm x 2mm with a total weight of 386g. There will be two versions, a smooth surface for quick mouse movements, and a textured finish containing higher friction for precise tracking. As you can see, the different surfaces also adopt a unique aesthetic style. One utilizes a subtle MSI gaming logo while the other revolves around the gaming dragon design.

The official price hasn’t been revealed yet and I’m interested to see how expensive each mousemat is. Personally, I prefer the soft touch on cloth mousepads which use a thick layer of fabric. However, an aluminum design prevents fraying and adds a great deal of rigidity. It should be fairly easy to clean too.

Do you think buying a premium mousemat is worth the price?

John Williamson

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