MSI Unveils DS502 7.1 Gaming Headset

/ 2 years ago


MSI has announced the DS502 7.1 Surround Sound gaming headset which features dual 40mm premium-grade audio drivers and a noise-cancelling omnidirectional microphone. This allows for a warm, crisp soundstage with a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz. Additionally, the headset utilizes a 2m durable braided cable, and opts for a self-adjusting headband for maximum comfort.

On another note, the headset includes an LED illuminated MSI Gaming dragon to some visual flair. There is also an in-line remote to toggle the microphone and vibration or on off. In theory, the integrated vibration creates a more immersive gameplay experience as you feel the impact of gunshots and explosions. Although, I’m not sure how well this will work across a wide array of major titles. Another neat feature is the textured volume control wheel which allows you to alter the audio levels without looking in a seamless manner.

The product contains a wide array of software features through MSI’s Cmedia Xear package. Here, you can adjust the environmental effects, room size and enable a 7.1 virtual speaker shifter. There isn’t anything mind-blowing here, but it’s great to have a polished package included by default.

Sadly, we haven’t received any information regarding a launch date or price but the article will be amended once this becomes public knowledge.

What do you think of the DS502 headset?

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