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Multiple AMD Listings Hint at Imminent ‘Big Navi’ GPU Release

At CES 2020, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su give some pretty strong hints that the ‘Big Navi’ graphics card was on the way and planned for release in 2020. Theoretically being their ‘Nvidia Killer’, there’s clearly a lot of anticipation surrounding this launch, but to date, there’s been very little concrete news.

In a report via PCGamesN, however, it seems that things may have just taken a significant step forward. A number of new AMD GPU registrations are hinting towards the imminent release of the ‘Big Navi’ graphics card. And it may be more than just one!

AMD Register New Graphics Cards

Receiving Korean Korean RRA certification, the graphics cards listed comprise of 10 apparently different models. With none of the model numbers correlating to any existing GPUs, it seems pretty clear that AMD has more than a few launches on the horizon.

What do we think about it though? Well, the short version is that it may make a lot of sense, but for reasonably complicated reasons.

What Do We Think?

This isn’t the first instance of new AMD graphics card registrations being made. For example, last month saw a number of registrations that included a number of those cited above. We did, however, also see various new references to AMD GPUs within the latest version of Linux.

Putting 2 and 2 together, we think the most logical conclusion that at least one of these, and possibly 3, are indeed the new ‘Big Navi’ graphics cards. So what about the rest? Well, there have been rumors that AMD was planning on launching an entire refresh of their existing 5XXX graphics card line-up. As such, it’s entirely possible that these new registrations may include those models.

It is, of course, all speculation. The pieces of the puzzle, however, do seem to start to be falling into place!

What do you you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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