Museums Classic Arcade Machines Restored With Help of Community

/ 3 years ago


The UK Computer Museum in Cambridge plays home to a vast amount of classic arcade units and while many museums would never dream of restoring their items to new condition, this isn’t your average museum. The team recently decided to try and resurrect a bunch old arcade units that haven’t seen action in at least 17 years and many of them are much older than that, or have suffered heavy use until that point.

Among the pack are Space Invaders, Asteroids, Tempest, Xevious, Alien Syndrome, Centipede and more. Organiser Phillip Riscombe-Burton put a post on forums to call for help in fixing the machines, to which several volunteers answered and have already found temporary fixes for five of the eight dead machines, although they’ve said they’ll continue their work until all the machines are fully restored.

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Mr Riscombe-Burton invites any members down to the museum to not only check out the exhibits and play the games there, but to also help contribute their engineering knowledge on how to get these dead ones back to life. Either way it sounds like a pretty fun place, as there aren’t many museums where you can touch the exhibits, let alone try fix them.

Thank you BBC for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of BBC.

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