Mushkin Reveal New Stealth and Redline 2800MHz Memory Kits

/ 4 years ago


Mushkin has just announce two new additions to its series of memory modules. They have added a variety of 2800MHz memory kits for both the Stealth and Redline memory series. These will come in DDR3 4GB, 8GB and 16GB kits with 12-14-14-35 latencies at 1.65 volts.

These new kits will be available all over the world through Mushkin’s distributors by the end of July or in early August. To get the full 2800MHz out of these new memory modules you’ll need to be using Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge or Haswell platform architectures which have powerful enough Integrated Memory Controllers (IMCs) capable of handling such high memory frequencies. Older platform architectures like Sandy Bridge(E) and most AMD platforms will struggle to operate at 2800MHz.

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Mushkin claims great overclocking potential aided by their heatsink designs. The green PCB leaves much to be desired though. Pricing is TBA but don’t expect these to come cheap.

Image courtesy of eTeknix

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