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Mushkin Showcase Latest Memory Products


We stopped by the Mushkin suite here at CES 2019 to check out what new memory and storage products they’ll be bringing to market this year. First up, we have their new M.2 Pilot-E drive. The NVMe drive will be available from 250GB up to 2TB capacities and uses the SMI SM226EN controller with 3D TLC NAND. However, it’s the whopping 3.4 GB/s read speeds that really caught our attention, combined with 2.5 GB/s write speeds.

Following that, we have a more affordable Helix-L drive. It comes in 120GB to 2TB, although it’s likely only the 250GB model will be the minimum, not the 120GB. Furthermore, it still delivers 2.4 GB/s read and 1.7 GB/s write. It uses the Silicon Motion SM2263XT.

External Storage

Tired of slow storage speeds on USB? Well, these Carbon X100’s use USB 3.1 Gen 2 for 1000 MB/s read and the same again for write. It’ll come in 250GB right up to 1TB, possibly even a 2TB in the not too distant future.


On the more traditional 2.5″ drive from, we have their Source 2 drives. This one is again running from 120GB to 1TB, with the expected 565 MB/s read and 530 MB/s write, as you would expect on a maxed out SATA 3 drive. This one deploys the Silicon Motion SM2263XT controller.

CES 2019 Sponsors

We would like to thank our wonderful sponsors. We wouldn’t be in Las Vegas without their support. Of course, this allows us to provide coverage of the show for you, our lovely readers!  So, thank you to all the wonderful people at SuperO (Supermicro Gaming)ArozziEK WaterblocksPatriotASUS RoGSilverstoneAKRacing, and 1MORE.

CES 2019 Coverage

We’re here in Las Vegas once again, and we are checking out the latest technology and innovations presented by companies from around the world! Of course, for all the latest coverage from us at CES 2019 and beyond, check out our very own Facebook and Twitter pages. Furthermore, check out our YouTube channel for the latest 4K video coverage. Links provided at the bottom of the page. Want more CES 2019 coverage? Check out the eTeknix CES 2019 News Feed Here.

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