Namco Bandai Bring Dark Souls II Play Expo In Manchester

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Dark Souls II is on its way to Manchester this weekend (12th – 13th October) and will offer many fans the opportunity to play for the first time and take on the irrepressible, Mirror Knight. Well when I say “take on” what I actually mean is get publicly humiliated by one of the hardest games around.

Will you join the elite select players that have managed to slay the Mirror Knight*, or will you, like many others before you, fall before his knees and submit to his might? You will have 20 minutes to find and beat him, so use your time wisely and make every hit count!

Win or lose, an A3 double sided Dark Souls II poster will be presented to anyone brave enough to face the Mirror Knight. However, should you manage to defeat him, you shall be rewarded with a rare Dark Souls II T-shirt. Photos of the winners shall be uploaded onto the Namco Bandai Games Facebook account to forever immortalise those victorious! Although I suspect that there will not be many people that make it that far, as Dark Souls is notorious for cutting down champions where they stand.

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Also, if you do drop by the Namco booth, take proof of your Dark Souls II pre-order as they have some cool Dark Souls II T-shirts to give away (limited supply obviously).

If you’re heading down to Play Expo this weekend, be sure to let us know just how tough the Mirror Knight was!

Thank you Namco Bandai for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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