National Geographic To Bring Custom Cartography With The Help Of Google Maps

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National Geographic introduced a way to share over 500 of its historical map overlays with the help of Google’s Map Engine. Users can now make use of these maps via Google’s platform.

National Geographic Society, founded in 1888, aims to inspire people to care about the planet. As one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations, they have founded over 10,000 research, conservation and exploration projects, along with creating and publishing more than 800 reference, historic and travel maps.

The program has been considered for the historical map availability to a “wider world”, National Geographic says. Having sold fold-out maps for more than 100 years, people just put them away and forget about them. National Geographic aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and historic events through offering the maps online for everyone to use on their PC, laptop, tablets or smartphones.

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Google Maps is a very popular and high-performance platform, used daily by millions of people. It would make sense for National Geographic to offer its services to the public through a well-known service such as Google’s Maps Engine, which offers 2D as well as 3D display capabilities.

Articles, photography and information from National Geographic expeditions will be added in an interactive full-screen image environment which users can pan and zoom to view the overlays filled with tons of great data. Also, National Geographic will also add a paid service for high-definition printable maps to fund its non-profit organisation.

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