NCASE M1 Enthusiast Case Successfully Funded And Sold Out

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The Crowd-Funded NCASE M1 prototype that we brought you the news of nearly 6 months ago is now ready to go. NCASE Design have just recently announced that their IndieGoGo project has been successfully funded and as of writing it has successfully raised $136,957 of the $67,500 required meaning nearly twice the funding. The NCASE M1 sold like wildfire and all 600 units are now gone. NCASE is offering to to accept pre-orders up September the 1st over on its website if you didn’t manage to get one of the 600 IndieGoGo units.


The NCASE M1 mini-ITX small form factor case is the result of months of R&D and community hardware feedback over at the [H]ardForum. The case was designed in response to enthusiasts wanting a great SFF (small for factor) case but that wasn’t too big or too limiting in terms of size. They also wanted to create a sleek looking case which they have most certainly done.

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You can read loads of more details about this great case, its functionality and demonstrations of that by checking out the IndieGoGo page. The project took just 7 days to get fully funded which is very impressive and if demand for the product persists we could see NCASE emerge as a bigger brand in the near future.

Images courtesy of NCASE (IndieGoGo)

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5 Responses to “NCASE M1 Enthusiast Case Successfully Funded And Sold Out”
  1. Wayne says:

    It’s quite a nice looking case if you can call a generic black rectangular steel box nice looking IMO.

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