Neknominate And You Could Be Facing A Manslaughter Charge!

/ 4 years ago

Above some of the people that have been killed in the process of undertaking the dangerous challenge

It’s not uncommon for us to hear of new trends and crazes that are doing their rounds on the likes of Facebook such as the seven-second vine videos and the Harlem shake that did its rounds on YouTube as well, but this latest ‘craze’ as such is one that I can only class as pathetic. stupid and in a number of cases down right dangerous. For those who are not in the loop as to what this latest thing is all about, users will make up a drink of various ‘ingredients’ in a cocktail type fashion, then neck it back to prove that they can do it. After this the person will then nominate or effectively dare one of more people to create their own concoction and so on so forth.

What seemed as a harmless joke however has spiralled well out of control as some people are mixing up cocktails that are lethal with chemicals and other poisonous ingredients and are then killing themselves in the process by drinking it.  With no less than five recorded deaths now to have happened because of the sheer stupidity of what is being done the police are no longer taking the situation lightly and any person who nominates one of their mates to do the challenge could be looking at a potential manslaughter charge if their mate dies as a result of this ‘dare’.

To add to the severity of the situation, a number of lawyers are now stating that they are no longer able to make out that the ‘nominator’ was not aware of the risks and that they did not know how dangerous the situation is. One layer made a statement to the Welsh paper, Wales Online that the risk of facing criminal charges for the sake of having a laugh is quite strong. In a statement to the paper he added.   “Any person would have to prove that the person who did the nomination knew with a degree of certainty what was likely to occur. At the beginning of this no-one knew what was going to happen. If a person knew, because of all the publicity and said, ‘I have been watching it on the news, I nominated my mate and thought he would be all right but knew there was a risk’ you could have grounds for a prosecution. It might be manslaughter.”

Simply put, now is a time to put an end to this craze before anyone else gets hurt, there are enough people who are out there making their own lethal cocktails and then telling you to tip it down the sink so I don’t have to do the same for you. Words cannot express how pitiful I am for anyone that thinks this is what you need to do to prove to your mates that you can undertake a dare. Is the thought of ending up in prison over a drink that you didn’t make not enough. Simply put, STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

Source and image courtesy: The Mirror

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7 Responses to “Neknominate And You Could Be Facing A Manslaughter Charge!”
  1. Dr. Evil says:

    Sorry, but I think it’s a necessary process for natural selection.

  2. Franky says:

    Sad to say that perhaps they should just let them do it. If they’re that stupid….

  3. ImUrAssassin says:

    And everyone is so pissed that Marijuana might be finally getting it’s place in Schedule 4 or 5 drug listings and a Recreational Drug legalization law put in place.
    Stoners don’t do this stupid shit people!

    • Zach says:

      theres a difference between smoking it and doing it so much it affects your brain in a negative way, which too much of something is never good for you

      • ImUrAssassin says:

        You don’t “Do” marijuana. You either smoke it, eat it, or drink it. A smart person knows what kind of Marijuana effects them the way they want. There is the Indica, it’s great for someone who needs sleep, or pain relief, it will slow your brain down. The Sativa is a great upper, it makes increases your brain activity and will give you the urge to do things such as cleaning up the house, or doing something you’ve been meaning to.
        But it always effects everyone differently.

        Alcohol effects your brain in a BAD way, not to mention it can kill you and people not even drinking it, meaning DUI.

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