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I’ve seen many console mods, specially those by Ben Hecks, but this one hits a special awesome factor. A full NES system in a NES Cartridge, it’s almost cannibalism. However that is just what Daniel Hankewycz has done, he even posted a complete build guide on-line so you can do it yourself.


The key to this system is the NES On A Chip (NOAC) that basically gives you an entire NES on just a single chip. The NOAC includes a 60pin famicom game port that can easily be converted to a 72 pin NES game port. It’s almost obvious to create this mod.

There were quite a few components involved in building this mod, but not as many as you might think. The major components are a Power Player Unit for the chip, some NES spare parts, an ATmega168 Arduino chip as well as some basic wires and chips. Daniel originally got the idea from Kotomi’s build, but wanted to make it a full NES including original controllers.

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The project was rushed a little bit due to a deadline on a contest, but the results are still amazing and it is one cool mod. Daniel is quiet the young builder, but the talent is clear. The description in his twitter profile reads “I like making stuff…” and I think we will see many more amazing things from him in the future.

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