Nesteq ASM Xzero 600W Semi-Fanless Power Supply Unit Review

/ 7 years ago


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Compared with companies such as Corsair and Enermax, NesteQ is a relatively small company when it comes to PSUs. When I told a few of my friends about this PSU, the majority of them had never even heard on NesteQ. However, for those of us who have been following PC hardware for a while will know that NesteQ is famed for their quiet PSUs and other products aimed at reducing noise from your system. This new PSU is no exception.

Modern PSUs are generally made from the same mould; a large fan on the bottom, a grill at the back, a power switch and the necessary internals. Although one manufacturer will sometimes bring new aesthetic designs to the table the general functionality of a PSU remains fairly standard. However, NesteQ have set these guidelines aside and have crafted a truly unique product.

In this review we will be taking a look at Nesteq’s Xzero PSU and what it can offer in comparison to the vast majority of power supplies on the market. And most importantly, are these new features genuinely useful or just gimmicks to raise the price? We shall be finding out about that and more later on.


  • Highly efficient heat pipe cooling
  • Active PFC (Power Factor Correction)
  • Up to 89% Efficiency
  • ATX12V Version 2.2
  • EPS12V Version 2.91
  • BTX Version 1.0a
  • +12V Power – Plus Technology
  • Advanced Silent Mode Technology
  • Stack Effect Cooling Solution (SECS)
  • Power Monitoring Panel
  • Enhanced Easy Connecting System
  • Over Power / Voltage / Current / Temperature protection
  • Short Circuit Protection


This unit comes in 4 flavours, 400,500,600 and 700W which all have different power characteristics. We will be testing the 600W model. NesteQ clearly take muli-rail technology seriously as all versions of the Xzero have 4 rails apart from the 700W version which has a massive 6 rails! Take note that on the 600W version the amperage on 12V rails 3 and 4 are lower that 1 and 2 so be sure to balance them accordingly.


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3 Responses to “Nesteq ASM Xzero 600W Semi-Fanless Power Supply Unit Review”
  1. omegadoom13 says:

    Like your friends, I have never heard of Nesteq prior to your review. Nice review. Yeah it's pricey compared to PSUs offering similar features.

  2. lucas4 says:

    seems a good PSU, but £115 is extremely u said, i cant see many people buying this over a corsair AX750 which is a similar price.

  3. Leo Bien Durana says:

    This is the first time I've heard the name NESTEQ, and they've surely impressed me. The sheer amount of high quality components should help them climb at the top. I personally love their heat pipes, 89% efficiency, and the power monitoring panel.

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