Netflix to Start Its Account Sharing Crackdown Before the End of Q1 2023!

Netflix has not exactly been shy in expressing its opinion in regard to those who enter into ‘account sharing‘ agreements. They don’t like it. It’s again their terms of service. And in nutshell, they want to bring the practice, if not to an end, then at least make those engaging in it pay what they consider to be a more appropriate subscription fee.

The crackdown is coming, but exactly when? Well, Netflix has been rather vague on the subject. – That is until now!

Following a report via TechRadar, Netflix has confirmed as part of their recent financial call that they will officially launch their ‘account sharing’ crackdown at some point before the end of Q1 2023. – Yep, in other words, if you do happen to split ownership of a Netflix account, you might either have to go it on your own or be prepared to start paying extra!

Netflix to Start Cracking Down on Account Sharing

Netflix is certainly under no illusion that the implementation of this new system will not be a popular move among its consumer base. – At the same time though, the whole factor of ‘account sharing’ is a difficult subject and one, quite frankly, without a particularly good solution. Some customers might argue that they should view it as an account gained. Netflix, on the other hand, likely views it as 1 gained but 3 lost!

And, just to take the point to the extreme, lest we forget that a premium account has no limits on simultaneous points of access meaning that for circa £15 a month, as many as 50 individuals/households could all be sharing this one account. Something which clearly goes well beyond the remits of any kind of ‘grey area’ supporters of account sharing might reside in. – And yes, Netflix does monitor both IP addresses and devices used so I daresay they’re already identified around 95% of accounts that are engaging in this activity.

The only real question is, what will Netflix’s response be? Well, following trials in South America, they did increase subscription prices by around (equivalent) £2-£5 in order to somewhat off-set any apparent losses. – Being blunt as well, if it’s paid without question, this clearly acts as an admission by the user they were engaging in account sharing.

Overall though, it’s going to be a mess. Netflix likely isn’t going to win any friends with this move. At the same time though, you can’t exactly blame them either! – You just can’t help but feel that there must be lots of people out there absolutely taking the piss with this system which has, unfortunately, required Netflix to just wade in and spoil it for everyone!

What do you think though? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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