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The day has come, the day has finally come! For ages people living in the UK and Ireland have wanted that chance to have the couch potato’s dream job and now such an opportunity has arrived.

Netflix are looking for a ‘tagger’ from the UK and Ireland to join the elite group of TV and film fanatics. There are currently about 40 taggers employed by Netflix so opportunities like this don’t come around very often! Your job, if successful, will involve ‘tagging’ shows that are coming to Netflix in the not so distant future. Tagging is how Netflix are able to recommend shows to you that are similar to things you’ve watched previously, for example, I watched Breaking Bad and loved it, Netflix would notice this and look at what it’s tags are, they would then recommend a program to me that has the same or similar tags.

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Tagging shows for a living is a great opportunity and if you want to apply I have provided a link below, better get your application in soon, I expect hundreds of thousands will apply.

This is the list of skills required for the role, don’t seem to outrageous.

Core skills and qualities of this role will include:
– Movie and TV content expert
– Great organizational skills
– Tenacious about follow-through and follow-up on a project
– Detail-oriented
Preferred technical skills:
– Experience with Content or Asset Management Systems
– Excel
– 1-2 years website/media/new media company experience
– Movie or TV editorial experience a plus

Watch the promo for the job below.

Once you’ve watched it, you can apply here.

[youtube width=”700″ height=”393″][/youtube]

Good luck everyone!

Thanks to YouTube for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Digitaltrends.


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