Netflix & BBC Working on Watership Down Series

/ 2 years ago

Netflix & BBC Working on Watership Down Series

If you liked John Boyega’s performance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, then you’ll probably want to know a few things about his future projects as well. However, even though it’s not at all uncommon for big stars to lend their voices for animated productions, it’s probably safe to assume that none of us expected John to take on the role of a small bunny. Apparently, this is no ordinary bunny we’re talking about, as it is actually Bigwig The Rabbit from the renowned Watership Down children’s book. Those of you who are not familiar with the book should know that it was written by Richard Adams and was published for the first time in 1972. What made the book stand out was the fact that it featured a rather grim story involving a group of rabbits that were trying to escape from danger as they traveled  through the English countryside.

In 1978, the first animated adaptation of the book was released, and it featured a rather dark theme that showed brutal depictions of insane rabbits, cruel humans, and terrifying dogs. Now, the BBC and Netflix are officially working on a new animated adaptation starring John Boyega, James McAvoy, Sir Ben Kingsley and Nicholas Hoult. The four-part animated adaptation will be computer animated and will last for four hours in total. It will air on BBC One in the UK and on Netflix around the world in 2017.

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