Netflix Commits to its Ad Tier Despite Minimal Consumer Interest

I think it goes without saying that Netflix has a bit of a huge problem on its hands at the moment. Having lost over 2 million subscribers over just the last year, all current projections seem to suggest that their consumer base will continue to fall as with the ongoing cost of living crisis people will, quite rightly, view it as one of their most convenient and tangible cost-cutting measures.

Netflix did hope, however, that the introduction of their ad-supported tier would at least give people a less expensive alternative to their main subscription platforms that would, all going well, somewhat stem those dwindling user numbers. – The only problem though is that, so far, people haven’t been viewing it as much of an alternative. Although no figures have been released yet, it is widely rumoured that the uptake on the ad-supported tier has been exceptionally low!

Following a report via TechRadar, however, it seems that like it or not, Netflix is standing by its new ad-supported tier, and more specifically, its somewhat contentious price point!

Netflix Stands by Ad Tier – Even if Hardly Anyone is Taking It Up!

The problem Netflix has with its advert-supported subscription platform largely comes down to three key points. Firstly, Netflix has done an incredibly poor job in marketing this new tier. Ask a few people you know if they were aware this was even a thing. I’d be surprised if more than 50% of them said yes.

Secondly, and again somewhat touching on the first point, there is an incredible vagueness about exactly how many adverts users on this tier can expect to see. Nobody likes adverts, but we at least tolerate them on YouTube because it’s free. On Netflix though, do you really want a fat block of ads getting in the way of your binge? Probably not!

Thirdly though, most people just simply consider its £4.99 price tag as still being too much to warrant keeping it. Yes, it’s significantly cheaper than £10.99, but I think most agree that if you can’t or don’t want to spend £10.99, you’re probably not going to be tempted by £4.99. And especially so when it’s more than a little unclear just how pervasive the ads are really going to be.

What do you think though? Would you consider taking up the ad tier on Netflix? If not, why not? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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