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Netflix Denies Allegations Of Tailoring Movies Promos To Races

Netflix Denies Allegations Of Tailoring Movies Promos To Races

One of the best aspects of Netflix is that with so much content on offer, you can go into it with a completely blank slate and within 10 minutes find something you want to watch. Be it a TV series or film, it’s hard to argue that for the subscription price, there’s a lot of content on offer. Allegations are growing, however, that the streaming sites might be using unusual methods in their promotional suggestions.

In a report via The Star, people are suggesting that Netflix is deliberately placing black characters in prominent promo images to attempt to attract black viewers.


Users have accused the video streaming site of deliberately showing black sub-characters prominently in films where the main cast members are actually white. As such, the accusation is that this is a form of subversive marketing with a ‘bait and switch’ mentality. Netflix has, of course, completely denied that this exists and in truth, I’m inclined to believe them.

Why I Believe Netflix

Ultimately, as far as I have ever ascertained, Netflix has never asked me what my race was. As such, I fail to see how it could necessarily attempt to ‘pander’ towards me. Let alone any other races. To target an audience, you have to know who they are and where they are!  It is, of course, entirely possible that this is being done in a ‘casting a wide net’ style of marketing. I somehow though, just think that this is merely coincidence rather than conspiracy.

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Mike Sanders

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