Netflix Has Over 60 Million Paid Subscribers

/ 3 years ago

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Netflix, the American provider of on-demand streaming media, has been enjoying a rise in popularity as of late. The company is officially worth more than CBS, and as it is looking to rid itself of region-locking, it will only become more successful in the future. Revealing its latest quarterly results, Netflix announced that it has passed 60 million members, which is an incredible achievement. All in all, the company boasts 62.27 million members, out of which 59.62 million are paid. This translates to a quarterly increase of 4.88 million users.

In the USA, Netflix has a membership of 41.4 million, with 40.32 million being subscribers. Financially, the streaming service brought in a revenue of $1.4 billion, out of which $985 million came from the U.S. Still the strong dollar managed to take its toll by diminishing the brand’s international revenues by $48 million when compared to last year. By leveraging its DVD-business and a few other sources, Netflix managed to counteract this loss with $97 million, which brings its total quarterly revenue to $1.57 billion; not bad at all, right?

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Just in case you haven’t heard by now, the company recently launched a new series called Daredevil, which stars Charlie Cox and Deborah Ann Wool. The second half of the year will bring about a series of TV app updates while a switch to HTTPS is expected to arrive next year.

Are you a Netflix subscriber, and if not, are you planning to become one?

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